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Web design has never been more affordable Websites that help you stand out from the crowd

It takes less than a few milliseconds for your page visitor to decide whether they like or dislike your brand. In order to attract more visitors and customers, it is important to create an attractive and unique website that will compel potential customers to browse through your website, and then contact you.

DigyCX is an expert at web design and development services. We understand that your brand is more than just a website to your customers; it shapes how they view you as a company or a service provider. When people are greeted by your website, they receive a clear message of what your brand truly stands for.

Every website requires development, which can cost thousands of dollars. DigyCX is here to help you save 40-70% with cost-effective web design services. Take advantage of our affordable pricing today.

Why your business needs an effective website

Your website is a true reflection of your business or company and serves as a backbone for all aspects of digital marketing. A website is the most important, trusted and effective way to engage with your customers, share company news and showcase new product launches. An effective website enables your brand to break through the barriers of social media and search engine rankings. It will also allow you to position your business in front of potential customers through key words and phrases, as well as advertise your brand in a more effective manner. At DigyCX, our web design and development services will guarantee that your website drives exceptional results. Our services include custom website development, WordPress development, and ecommerce website development.

Custom website development The possibilities are endless

Your brand could be the best in your industry, but if your customers cannot find it on the web then your business will never take off. If you are looking for a custom website design team that will perform in-depth website analyses, and design an effective website to boost your conversion opportunities, then you are at the right place.

DigyCX is a full-service digital marketing company that provides an exceptional web presence to your business. Our custom website development services will help you gain control of your brand identity and convert more website visits into sales.

WordPress website development Where creativity meets innovation

Described by many as one of the web’s most effective website development systems, WordPress has attracted a diverse range of web developers who use it to build websites for all types of organizations. With plugins and custom forms, you can add eye-catching elements to your website in addition to powerful analytics and SEO tools.

With the sheer versatility of WordPress, we are able to build beautiful and intuitive websites for you. Our WordPress website development services are geared around your needs and are guaranteed to drive results.

We customize all elements of your website based on your requirements, including text, visuals and interactivity. When we use the words “customization” and “flexibility”, we guarantee that the website you build with us will be unique and tailored to your needs, rather than generic or one-size-fits-all websites.

Ecommerce website development Take control of your business

An ecommerce website is one of the single most important pieces of your online presence. It’s the biggest investment you can make in your business and should be developed with the same attention to detail as all our other projects, so that it helps your brand thrive.

Ecommerce web development services begin with a unique vision for how you want your website to interact with your customers. Through our team of specialized ecommerce experts, DigyCX will develop a scalable ecommerce website for your brand that supports all major shopping/retail brands, marketplaces, and payment methods.


Frequently Asked Questions

Web development is the process of building and maintaining websites on a regular basis, as well as the work that comes before and after construction. Web development is the work that happens behind the scenes of a website – a process that first comes together as an idea and then transforms into a fully functional product.

The cost of developing a fully functional website depends on the requirements and the approach you choose to implement. The price is usually calculated by the following factors – Development, Design and Hosting.

Yes, our websites are mobile-friendly. In addition, we use all the latest technologies to render your web pages so that your visitors get an optimized browsing experience and a fully responsive website.

Typically, it can take anywhere between 1 to 2 months to develop a website from scratch. If you opt to use a pre-designed WordPress theme, then the duration of website completion can significantly vary.

WordPress is the most widely used website development platform because of its speed and flexibility. Besides, migrating your website from one platform to another is not a difficult process with WordPress template themes and plugins.

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